Fixing the Internet of Broken Things

Our technology has been adopted by epidemiologists, engineers and program implementers working in a dozen countries around the world on water, sanitation energy and infrastructure programs. We are directly measuring the performance and use of these interventions in a way that has not previously been possible. Our data is used in lieu of anecdotes  for grant payments, carbon credits, and to influence program designs.

Low Complexity, High Customizability

SWEETSense™ combines commercially available front-end sensors, selected for specific applications including water treatment, sanitation, energy, infrastructure or other applications, with a comparator circuit board that samples these sensors at a reasonably high rate.

SWEETSense™ consists of a low-power, cellular or satellite enabled fully integrated instrument customized for installation in community and household level environmental service interventions. To meet the design criteria, key features were realized including distributed processing between hardware and the internet cloud, and remote automated recalibration and reconfiguration. Processing occurs through the Internet “cloud” which also enables remote auto calibration. Data reported by the sensor can then be downloaded from any browser with a protected login. Software includes automatic and manual updating of sensor calibration, reporting and alarm parameters with the ability to be integrated with other web-based platforms.