SweetSense Inc. provides low-cost remote monitoring solutions for water, energy, and environmental projects in the global development setting to reduce client operating costs, improve technical performance, and increase overall effectiveness.

With hundreds of SWEETSense units deployed in 12 countries, the SWEETSense technology is the only robust fully-integrated, compact, low-powered, high resolution data acquisition system on the market specifically targeting the $40 billion annual global development market. SweetSense is used on applications including water pumps, water filters, cookstoves, and latrines, with cellular based reporting to www.sweetdata.biz where user and performance data is analyzed and graphed online in near-real time.

The SWEETSense technology was initially developed to serve non-governmental organization (NGO) and government funded humanitarian aid agencies in providing real-time, automated monitoring information on the water filtration, latrines, wash stations, cook stoves and other similar products funded and provided by these organization and agencies.